Origin USA

Late last year I had the pleasure of photographing Origin USA, for Down East Magazine. Origin USA is a manufacturing business specializing in making Gis, the uniforms used in jujutsu, as well as a multitude of other preformance wear products. They are based in central Maine which made it that much cooler to see a company creating jobs in this state. It was fantastic learning about how most of their machinery has be rescued from closed down factories around Maine, repaired and brought back to life.

As a photographer I love the challenge of working with a space that is already established, especially in a factory setting. The challenge of trying to create images in a busy space and within a tight timeline is what really gets me excited about editorial assignments.

Feel free to check out the whole article: http://downeast.com/originusa/


Publication: Down East, downeast.com
Subject: Origin USA, originmaine.com
Photo Assistant: Thomas Hout, www.instagram.com/pho_thom/
Writer: Amber Kapiloff, http://amberkapiloff.com/

One thought on “Origin USA

  1. Good stuff from a familie of jujitsu lovers ,not only the workers and owners the origin elite family are a big part of this company because of pete roberts and jon milan they listen to the customer ,the good and tbe bad . A wonderful company that is making the best gis in the world just try one out you will not be upset there awesome!


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