Part 2 of 2

The Press Hotel is located in the former building occupied by the Portland Press Herald. When conversation first started about what the body of work could be in the gallery at press hotel it covered a wide range of topics. The idea that kept coming up again and again was the idea of logging here in Maine. The gallery director and I decided that logging was a  way to tie in a relevant topic in Maine as well as honor the history of the Portland Press Herald.

In addition to the eight images on display there is a supplementary piece printed on newsprint. The newsprint is from a paper factory in Québec Canada a couple of phone calls revealed that likely some of the pulpwood for the paper is sourced, in part, from Maine forests. This brought everything full circle as some of the faces of the woodsman in this printed piece are perhaps the same ones who cut the pulpwood used in the production of the paper.

I realize that it is unlikely for there to be a large revival of paper as the world moves more and more towards digital. With that in mind, the thing that kept coming up while working on this project was while the paper industry shrinks the need for lumber and wood to build homes and buildings that humans use has not declined. And while it can be argued that timber does not necessarily qualify as a sustainable resource I personally feel it is far more sustainable than steel or brick. Especially if you consider modern day forrester practices that allow the forest to regrow at a consistent pace and leaving minimal blight on the land.

Here are some images from the show and the supplementary printed piece.


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