I find that I tend to do what’s comfortable for me when it comes to photography. This is due in part to the fact that often time with subjects is limited and I want to maximize that time. Thus, I tend to default to lighting that I am comfortable with and poses I know work. That being said I love when I am forced outside of my comfort zone. When Down East reached out to me to photograph CODA, an american cuisine modern restaurant in Maine’s South West Harbor, I was excited and nervous.

I am not a food person, I enjoy food, but mainly because my body will shut down without it. I can appreciate food but see it more as fuel rather than an experience. This is why food photography has always terrified me. I have such passion towards people that’s why portrait work always feels so natural. The best food photographers I know are not only fabulous photographers, but also absolutely LOVE food.

When I arrived at CODA, both Chef Carter, and his sous chef Brandon were the most accommodating, always a good sign! I had a tremendously enjoyable time with the challenge of photographing outside my comfort zone. I feel comfortable saying that I think I even got some good food photographs out of it!


Client: Down East Magazine,
Subject: Coda restaurant,

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