The Left Arm Project

In March I had reconstructive surgery on my right shoulder, after years of putting it off. I am right handed, which meant holding a camera the way I normally do was out of the question. The recovery time is 6 weeks in a sling, after about one week of computer work, I quickly realized I was going to lose my marbles being indoors and not photographing. A quick post to Facebook asking for photo subjects resulted in a full two days of photographing various friends, acquaintances, and strangers around Maine!

I further challenged myself by only allowing one small wirelessly triggered TTL strobe. I could not believe how freeing and wonderful it was to not be technically bogged down with so much equipment. I am constantly having to remind myself that being a photographer means creating pictures! I know that sounds ridiculous but it is so easy when you run a business to get lost in the everyday nuances of marketing, emails, and website updates, and so many other aspects of running a business that you some times forget to create work.

I continue to shoot assignment work through the recover process, and this project made it easier to do that, as it made me comfortable with the camera in my left hand and minimal equipment.

Here are some of my favorite images from this personal project.

032817_portland-day_AU5A5384Lindsey Gordon, photographer – Inside The Merchant Company, Portland ME

032817_portland-day_AU5A5319Kit, Jessica, Todd, Owners of the Merchant Company – Portland ME

Kelly_Roy_mdwphotographicKelly Stearns Roy, Photographer – Photographed in her studio, Arundel Maine

032817_portland-day_AU5A5186Keaven Hartt – Photographed in the backyard of her urban farm, Portland Maine

032817_portland-day_AU5A5224Keaven Hartt – Photographed in her kitchen she is currently renovating, Portland Maine

032817_portland-day_AU5A4881Mark Fleming, Photographer – Photographed in his office, Portland Maine

Molly_Spadone_032317_AU5A3560Molly Spadone, Designer – Photographed in her design studio, Kennebunk Maine

032817_portland-day_AU5A4820Molly Haley, Photographer – Photographed at Arabica Coffee, Portland Maine

032817_portland-day_AU5A4979Fred Copeman, musician – Photographed in Miss Portland Dinner, Portland ME

Justin-mdwphotographicJustin Melton, Tattoo artist – Photographed in studio, Kennebunk Maine


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