Big Al’s Super Values – A Truly Maine Adventure!

There are some assignments that just make sense! Sometimes an email comes in with a subject line that makes my palms sweat and my mind race with ideas and excitement. This is exactly what happened when Down East Magazine asked me to photograph a feature story on Big Al. I did not grow up in Maine, which meant my knowledge was initially limited to the store front in Wiscasset on rt 1. Along with the assignment sheet came a link to an old Big Al’s commercial, do yourself a favor and check it out here:

The ideas started pouring out onto a note pad. I felt like the hardest part of this assignment was going to be trying to make Big Al not look to over the top. he was already such a character I wanted him to appear in some images as down to earth as possible. At the same time I realized this was an opportunity to create some over the top images. Here is a small sample from the shoot that I think represents a pretty good mix.


Client: Down East Magazine,
Subject: Big Al,
Writer: Ron Currie,
Photo Assistant: Thomas Huot,

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