For years now I’ve wanted to photograph a decoy bird maker. This year I finally had that chance! A little photoshoot for Down East with Little River Decoys based here in Maine, that is published in the March issue. It was really spectacular seeing all the fine detail work that Steve Brettell put into each and every bird. I am so delighted with the images that came out of this photo shoot.


Publication: Down East,
Subject: Steve Brettell
Photo Assistant: Thomas Hout,
Writer: Jaed Coffin

True Grit

This year started out with a spectacular shoot for the Maine Craft Association. The MCA is a fabulous organization supporting artist within Maine, and I have teamed up with them to photograph a handful of crafts people in Maine. After several discussions about the pressing needs that artists have for images of themselves working it was decided that this would be a much needed project.

Photographing Erica Moody ( was a delight. Seeing her metal working studio and coming up with quick ideas for both portraits and action shots is what photography is all about for me. The moment I saw the studio space and met Erica, I knew I wanted to go for something that was gritty and slight moodier that what I am usually drawn too. I am extremely happy with the results. Here are a handful of images form the shoot.


Client: MCA
Subject: Erica Moody
Photo Assistant: Clayton Simoncic



Some years ago now I was assisting my mentor and former boss, Martin Schoeller, on a shoot in New York. I recall we were on the east side of the city along 11th ave racing around the corner to catch the last of the sunlight. Someone on set said “Oh that sunset! Make sure you get that!” To which Martin semi-jokingly replied, “Sunsets are for amateurs.” I have thought about this moment and the subsequent images that were created on this shoot countless times. I suspect what I recall most was the fact that Martin photographed his subject entirely in natural light (which so rarely happened), and this fact has cemented those images in my brain for years now.

The other thing that has played over and over in my head is the sentence “Sunsets are for amateurs.” I think about this all the time when I compose a shot with the setting sun in the background, lens flare crashing through the frame. Or every time I point my camera at a sunset along the Maine coast. It feels like sometimes I can’t help but look at a sunset, and in time I have grown to appreciate the challenge of making an images that utilizes only the sunset as a light source. I found these images while organizing some hard drives today, they are from the last sunset of 2016.


Women’s March on Washington

I regret losing faith in politics. I got lazy and complacent with the way the world was, and now the world is different. I am looking forward to moving ahead and making a difference, as best as I can. Here are a selection of images from The Women’s March on Washington. Possibly the most calm, and respectful group of people I have ever been around! au5a7695au5a7674au5a7710au5a7722au5a7777au5a7754au5a7825au5a8010au5a7792au5a8141au5a8160au5a8117au5a8165

Tandem Glass

In this months Zest Magazine is a story about Tandem Glass, a partnership glass blowing outfit based in Dresden Maine. Terrill and Charlie were originally photographed for the Maine Craft Association as part of an on going documentation of artists and crafters here in Maine. I love shoots like this because they force me to work fast and focused. It’s so inspiring to be around artists and get a chance to watch them create amazing work. Equally rewarding is being able to photograph someone in a space that is their own! All the little details in an artists studio is always what makes shoots like this so special.


Publication: Zest Magazine,
Subject: Tandem Glass
Assistant: Clayton Simoncic,

Millinocket Marathon

To close out 2016 Down East Magazine sent me up to Millinocket Maine to photograph Gary Allen. Gary is well known in the distance running world, and is the founder of the Millinocket Marathon. If you are not familiar with Millinocket, it is an old mill town that has seen tough times in the past decade. It’s always inspiring to get to work with people making a positive impact on the world. It was also extra special to have a subject like Gary who was very patient and understanding about what it takes to make a good portrait. Here are a handful of images, some of which are outtakes, from the short time in Millinocket.


Publication: Down East,
Subject: Gary Allen,
Photo Assistant: Clayton Simoncic,
Writer: Kathryn Miles,

Origin USA

Late last year I had the pleasure of photographing Origin USA, for Down East Magazine. Origin USA is a manufacturing business specializing in making Gis, the uniforms used in jujutsu, as well as a multitude of other preformance wear products. They are based in central Maine which made it that much cooler to see a company creating jobs in this state. It was fantastic learning about how most of their machinery has be rescued from closed down factories around Maine, repaired and brought back to life.

As a photographer I love the challenge of working with a space that is already established, especially in a factory setting. The challenge of trying to create images in a busy space and within a tight timeline is what really gets me excited about editorial assignments.

Feel free to check out the whole article:


Publication: Down East,
Subject: Origin USA,
Photo Assistant: Thomas Hout,
Writer: Amber Kapiloff,